Brain Bank

David Krakauer, director of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, once said, “I don’t believe in artists and scientists. I believe in creative minds”. So do we. In the Brain Bank project everyone is invited to participate and depict their own brain. No matter age or artistic background. Actually, we especially encourage people who don’t consider themselves very artistic. Why? Because it’s your brain and only you know what it looks like, there are no right or wrong answers.

How do you experience your brain? How does it work? What shape and colors does it have? What is it doing right now?

This is a unique project where we want to create a brain bank of drawings of people’s brains from all over the world. The drawings will eventually be published here, anonymously. We strongly believe that your view is just as valuable as a scientist’s and that creativity is something we all have within us.

Brain Bank

Click on ‘i‘ in the upper left corner to see information about each contribution.

To participate in this project you can either participate in one of Mind the Brain’s events that will take place in Stockholm and Amsterdam, or do it at home (keep the questions above in your mind when doing it), take a photo of it, write you first name, age, country, a short description of your art-work, and send it in to:


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