Mind the brain is a non-profit initiative, born out of passion. Our goal is to creatively demonstrate that art and science are not separate, just like science and society are not separate. In order to achieve this, we bring the work of scientists and artists together, and relate neuroscientific findings to daily life by translating neuroscientific findings to popular scientific columns. In addition, we visit schools, to increase the awareness of the importance of creativity and how it relates to the brain. In order to do this, we need your support.

Your help will allow us to visit schools that often don’t have the budget to finance our transportation and workshop materials. It would allow us to collaborate with more schools and to buy a variety of materials for the creative workshops, to let the children deploy their fullest creative potential. We would be most grateful if you could support us in our aims by donating to the Mind the Brain project. We will keep donors updated about our projects and the way your contribution is used. Your generosity is greatly appreciated, from the brain and the heart!